Born June 2, 1984, growing up by the sea, I work as a contemporary visual artist in Oldenburg, Germany. I am qualified in Art and Media and Material Culture Studies, which I try to combine and make visible through my work. I create both, figurative and abstract paintings. In the later I focus on a dialogue between color, space and materiality.

My goal as an artist is to raise issues with my work, without the intention of answering them myself. Art can be the visualization of a question. To reply to such questions, the immanent examination and involvement with art history and contemporary history is important and in fact essential. Therefore – in my opinion – art and the finished product, may it be oil on canvas or a sculpture made out of marble, always have something processual about it.

For my abstract paintings, I take inspiration from my own personal history and life experiences, like joy, grief, love and anger. Painting, for me, is a medium to express all the things that I cannot put into words.

– Tim Lorenz –

Tim Lorenz - artist